User Stories

First Pass

In the beginning I tried to encapsulate the experience of using Cultivate into a single user story. I wanted to keep the story short, at less than two minutes in length, and I struggled to describe the complexity of the thinking behind my thesis outcome in such a short piece.
I went through several revisions to the first user story for Cultivate. My early attempts didn’t show the depth and impact of the service on the teachers who would use it, and the description of the service trivialized the importance of self-reflection and community engagement in developing a teaching practice.

Evolution – Explanation & People Stories

After a critique of my first story I could see that I needed to take more time to explain the importance of self-reflection and professional growth inherent in the concept.

Instead of a single user journey I created a series of vignettes to describe three different users’ experiences with the service. My audience could hear from people just like them who had (in theory) used the service and realized emotional and practical benefits.

In addition to the vignettes, I created a simple, digestible system map that highlights the key features to show how the service works.